Praise for Murder 1040: The Final Audit


“Fred Lichtenberg’s new novel, ‘Murder 1040: The Final Audit,’ is a riveting and uniquely different suspense novel. Lichtenberg develops plausible characters and a twisting plot, powered by excellent and natural dialog. He leaves the reader wondering what’s going to happen next, and who is going to be doing it. Hard to put down until you’ve turned the last page, and discovered everything was not what you expected. Highly recommended,and I give it ‘5-Stars’.”

—George A Bernstein, Award-winning Amazon Top 100 Author


“Lichtenberg plunges readers into a complex murder mystery centered around America’s most hated government agency—the IRS. Sex, greed, and a deadly love triangle draw readers into the dark underbelly of an agency desperate to protect the dirty secrets of those in power. One man will risk everything to unmask the killer and banish the ghosts of his own mysterious past in this action-packed thriller. A must read!”

—S.L. Menear, author of Deadstick Dawn


“Keeps you guessing until the last page. Great character development. I believe I may have actually encountered a few of these guys, when I lived in South Florida. Frank Amato is relentless in his pursuit of finding who is really behind the murders and shady dealings in the agency we all love to hate. A MUST read!”



“I just started this book 2 days ago and couldn’t put it down until I finished it! It moved along fast and was suspenseful and riveting. The characters were well thought out- and you really wanted to know what happened to them next. I would highly recommend this one!”

—Amazon Customer


Praise for Deadly Heat At The Cottages


“Hilarious story with zany characters residing at The Cottages. What a fun place to live!”

—S.L. Menear, author of Deadstick Dawn


Praise for Double Trouble


“Double Trouble will keep you guessing page-by-page and chapter-by-chapter. The ending is a stunning surprise. A must read!”

—Leslie A Borghini, author of Angel Heat


“Lichtenberg doesn’t fool around but gets right into the plot. This is intricate with secrets revealed at every turn. The twin aspect is often seen in both books and movies but I like Lichtenberg’s take on it.”


—Brayton’s Book Buzz

Praise for Hunter’s World


“Lichtenberg spins a tight and compelling plot, and especially for eager readers of dark detective series, this book is well worth adding to the shelf.”

—Beth Kanell | Kingdom Books


“Lichtenberg provides plenty of action and enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing.”

—Mel Jacob | Gumshoe Review


“Fred Lichtenberg’s debut novel, Hunter’s World, offers its readers the promise of an entertaining read. Sex, murder, intrigue, and betrayal are the cornerstones for this interesting novel.”

—Jacquelyn Gomez | PYNKlipstick Magazine


“Hunter’s World is a well written tale as omissions lead to misunderstandings and in this case homicide.”

—Harriet K. |


“A fast-paced, fascinating mystery. Readers will find themselves rooting for Hank, as he struggles with murder and his own personal crisis, to save his beloved town and himself from imploding. Highly recommended.”

—Alice Duncan, author of Angel’s Flight

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