Hunter’s World

The village of Eastpoint, a close-knit Long Island community, has never been tested with a serious crime. At least, not until syndicated romance columnist John Hunter committed suicide in his home. Even then, the townspeople accept the auslander’s demise in stride. But when Police Chief Hank Reed discovers a secret room filled with lewd paintings of Hunter and local married women, he wonders whether the collection was someone’s sick imagination or part of a duplicitous life.

It isn’t until the medical examiner’s official report declares that Hunter was murdered, followed by a leak of Hunter’s shocking exploits, that panic engulfs Eastpoint’s residents.

Reed is torn between his allegiance to protect his beloved town and the honor of his shield. As that balance bends toward justice, the townspeople rise against him, including his wife, who Reed suspects might be Hunter’s killer. As the investigation expands, Reed finds himself alone, in the thicket of another murder and suicide. Even as the emotional walls begin to crumble, Reed forges ahead without compromise, risking his job, his wife, and the townspeople he so desperately wants to save from the outside world.

But saving the town requires time, and Reed is quickly running out of it. Someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings for a petition to remove the police chief. If Reed doesn’t find the killers, and soon, who will?

Hunter’s World will draw you into the complexities of small town living, building intrigue and doubt with every scene, until its boiling conclusion. Written with the intrigue of a John Grisham novel, Hunter’s World compels you to keep turning the pages.

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Hunter's World | Fred Lichtenberg

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