Double Trouble

The day washed-out detective Charlie Quinn unexpectedly meets Frankie Marcone in a Fort Lauderdale parking lot his life changes forever. Little does he know that Marcone is a hit man for the mob. Or that he and Marcone are identical twins separated at birth! Marcone, who stole diamonds from his boss, isn’t looking for a family reunion and disappears.

When Quinn discovers that Marcone is killed in a fiery accident, he flies to New York to find out more about his long lost brother. But when the boss’s henchmen bump into Quinn and demand the diamonds or else, Quinn defies reality and becomes Frankie Marcone.

Delving into his brother’s dark past, Quinn learns about his own and it’s not pretty. Lies, betrayal and deception follow him every step of the way. The enemy is closing in. Will Quinn succeed in tracking down the diamonds before his fate mirrors his twin brother’s?

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Double Trouble | Fred Lichtenberg

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